Kind Crypto

A Multi-Utility Token

Kind is a multi-utility deflationary token built on top of Binance Smart Chain. 

Kind Crypto

What is KIND Token?

Kind is a multi-utility token with deflationary and auto liquidity feature.

Upon it’s launch, you can buy digital and physical goods with Kind token at We plan to implement Kind token in multiple upcoming DApps.

  • Buy Digital Products
  • Hold and Earn More Tokens
  • Buy Clothes with Kind token
  • Kindest community
  • Community focused on being Kind
  • Spreading goodness in the world

Kind Community

With Kind, we aim to built a community with a Moto of ‘lifting the greater good’. A strong positive community that will emphasise on the message of being kind to everyone.

You can join our community on Discord and Twitter.

Founder of Kind Crypto will be doing live streams on it’s YouTube channel. So make sure to subscribe and set reminder for the upcoming live streams.

Kind Community


Like or interested in Kind Project? Join our Discord community and help us reach 10,000 members by inviting your buddies. So that we can launch the token on DEX as soon as possible.

Click Here to Join Our Discord Community

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  • Token’s Smart Contract Deployment (Done)
  • Website Launch (Done)
  • Social Media Handles Creation (Done)
  • Building Initial Community of at least 10,000 Members (On Going)
  • Fair Token Launch
  • Achieve 30,000 Token Holders Target
  • Set up Company Office
  • Hire required people for the project
  • Build digital products line and NFT Marketplace
  • Market Products
  • Achieve $1M Product sales Target
  • Plan the Metaverse
  • Hire more people required to build Metaverse
  • Build the Metaverse
  • More Steps and Phases to be Revealed Soon

Meet the Founder

  • nice-one-two

    Pankaj Sharma

    The founder of Kind Coin is working on his interne...

    Pankaj Sharma

    The founder of Kind Coin is working on his internet projects since 2009.

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